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This is a summary of our current product brands. These brands are

Check back often we'll be adding more products to “the Born to™” brand..

Born To Accessorize™



The Born To Accessorize Handbag Organizer


Our Born to Accessorize Brand encompasses our desire to provide great fashion accessories in the Born to Brand.

A collection of fashion items that will help you look your best or give you that extra touch of class and keep you stylish. Currently available in

and Purple.

Check out the new sturdier handbag organizer, in a medium size and now a new larger size for big totes.

ladies_handkerchiefs_floral_printAlso our line of handkerchiefs.

See all the options here at:

Colorful print handkerchiefs

& the super soft women's premium 60S handkerchiefs.


Premium Knitting Bag Rectangular Tote

Knitting Bag Cylindrical Carry StrapOur large knitting bag tote is a hit with the serious knitter. Places for 6 colors of yarn and storage for on the go. Also a divided 4 style round tote which is easy to carry and sit beside you.


Born To Venture



Products in the Born to Venture collection are the Born To Brand that appeal to the sports and fashion fans, travelers, and enthusiast folks out and about the world.

Check out the various Born to Venture Magic Headbands prints here:

Colorful Prints

Fire 2 Print Magic Headband

Blue Spotted Animal Print Magic Headband


Born to Nurturelogo-giraffe-HD-size2

The Born to Nurture is the Born to Brand which emphasizes the human desire to nurture our families and friends.

Born to Nurture Diabetic Socks

Our Diabetic socks are specially formulated for a loose knit at the calf with just enough elastic band to be comfortable and with a bit extra cushioned bottom.

Stroller Pegs



New addition to the born to Nurture Line are Stroller pegs. Check them out Here.

Stroller Pegs for boys and girls

Chemo Head Ware

Currently we are offering pink and purple magic headbands ribbon theme

Magic Pink Chemo Headbandchemo_headwear_ribbon_design_pink-small-btnMagic Purple Chemo Headband

Go Here to Learn more: Chemo Headwear with Designer Ribbon pattern


Pencetti™ Line


In our born to craft category we have added organization for colored pencils and pens. The Pencetti line of pencil wraps and cases are designed to be of better quality, durability, and value.

Learn more about these exceptional organizers for the teen boys and girls, the dedicated artist, and you.

Our best seller..


Pencetti Deluxe Pencil CaseDeluxe Pencil Case

Tool Bags

We are producing a number of canvas tool bag sets which we have found to be popular for many different uses. Whether you are going to use it for repair tools around the house, in the car, for your boat or to handle those sewing materials you're going to love those bags.

4 Color Pencetti Tool Bags

Check the current available sets here: Pencetti Canvas Tool Bags

Check out more of the Pencetti Line at the Shop


Pursetti Bag Line

In the fall of 2016 we will be adding a number of tote and carry bags. Find out about them here:

Pursetti Totes


The laptop tote is a great bag for the working women. Designed specifically to carry your laptop or tablet and your extra accessories. With luggage handle slot for easy carry while traveling.


Our new Pursetti Utility Totes and Teacher Totes are a hit with both Moms and Teachers. It's a prized gift giving item for all occasions. Several new patterns also available.

Check out all of the Pursetti line at the shop

Stay tuned for more updates and share these great finds with your friends and family:


We Launched our nurseSCAPE line in 2017 with the following popular totes and bags.

Nurse Tote:

Along with our Teacher/Utility Totes the Nurse totes offer two new styles with the morocco title and pink hearts to reflect our appreciation for nurses.At the shop: NurseSCAPE Totes

Wheelchair Backpack Organizer Tote

The Wheelchair backpack organizer utilized our popular utility tote designs and were adapted for wheelchairs and walkers to provide the much needed carry space. The have Velcro straps to easily attach and release for carry. Currently available in three patterns. Black, Black Paisley, and our very popular Purple Flower Circle pattern. At Amazon: Wheelchair backpack tote

Wheelchair Side Bag

Complimenting the backpack tote are the Wheelchair side bags which are handy for all those must have items at your fingertips.At Amazon the Wheelchair side bag

Note: these bag/totes fit most wheelchairs, but there are a few that they do not work well on.

Check out the sizes for your needs.








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